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PC0779 to PC1479 Supersession

Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America, Inc. has discontinued All Makes part number PC0779, and replaced it with PC1479. This service bulletin outlines the functionality, installation and troubleshooting differences between these two parts.


The primary difference between the outgoing model and the PC1479 is the relocation of the Integrated Mag. Switch (IMS). Relocation of the IMS allows the PC1479 model to be used on a wider range of applications.


Part number PC1479 is a drop-in replacement for part number PC0779. PC1479 retains all of the high-quality characteristics of its predecessor.


Mounting the starter, installation of the positive and negative battery cables, and connection to the vehicle’s control circuit is the same as with all other IMS-equipped Mitsubishi Electric starters. Installation instructions are included with this starter on a separate sheet, and available on


Troubleshooting of the vehicle’s battery cables and control circuit remains the same as with all other IMS-equipped starters. Ensure the batteries, battery cables and control circuit are working properly prior to replacing the starter. Refer to Mitsubishi Electric’s Diagnostic Manual, available on Diamond-Gard.comfor details on troubleshooting.

Approved Application List

Part number PC1479 is approved for all applications previously approved for use with PC0779. A complete list is shown below:

Kenworth and Peterbilt


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