Mitsubishi Electric teams with tech heavyweights on infotainment

Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America Inc. is partnering up to stay competitive in the infotainment market. Mitsubishi Electric takes pride in its vertically integrated production process. The company has few suppliers and instead buys raw materials to build most of its own products.

Next-generation infotainment system envisioned by Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America has developed a demonstration vehicle that uses Ethernet as the audio-video bridging architecture to enable any media on any screen. Conventional in-vehicle infotainment systems use traditional copper wiring or a MOST-based system.

Electric Atmosphere

The Mitsubishi Electric Championship at Hualalai is celebrating its 18th year on the Big Island, and over that storied history, the tournament has evolved to become an experience as unique as its host island.