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Offered as a starter repair part, these solenoids are easy to change and simple to hook-up. Though they rarely fail, accidents do happen – threads are crossed, caps break when the starters are dropped, and connections can loosen. Also, under-charged batteries resulting in low system voltage and/or pinion-to-ring gear tooth abutment can cause the solenoid to stay energized until it fails. Choose only the genuine OE replacement – one less thing to worry about!


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  • Includes the Diamond Gard™ warranty - the best aftermarket warranty in the business – “If it fails - for ANY reason – we pay”. No denials.
  • Just a few solenoid PNs service dozens of starters to allow dealers and distributors to easily stock replacements with minimal inventory. Be sure to check the application guide in the reference section of this website for a complete listing.
  • Sold as a complete kit – new leads, fasteners, and connectors.
  • Complete installation instructions included.